How to Choose a Web Presenter

Web Video Presenters are gaining popularity as a powerful way to connect with your online visitors. A virtual web presenter who talks on your website can help communicate your message and is far more effective than merely using text, graphics, and other traditional methods of online communication.

If you've already decided to get a web video presenter for your website, the next question is deciding on the person you will pick to be the face of your business - the personality who will present your message to the world. This article will explain the basic process of selecting a presenter for your web video presentation.

The first step in selecting a presenter is figuring out who your audience is. If you know the type of people who visit your website or who buy your service (or product), then it becomes very easy to find the right type of web presenter for your business' online presence. For example, if your audience is young and hip, you're probably going to want a younger presenter who your audience will connect with. For example, a presenter like Amber would be great.

Amber is an example of a spokesperson who would work well for any type of site where a young friendly greeter will help build a personal connection with your website's visitors. For example, the website of a law firm, car dealership, dentist, or even an online store selling any type of merchandise would benefit greatly with Amber as a spokesperson.

Amber projects a friendly and trustworthy tone. Therefore, any business needing to establish trust with their customers will benefit with such a spokesperson. Amber is also a great choice for any business with a "fun" product or service such as website selling travel packages, a dating website, or the website of a bar or restaurant.

In summary, Amber is a versatile choice for almost any type of business' spokesperson needs. So get started with Amber now!

However, for some types of businesses, a different spokesperson might be a better fit. For example, if you have a business where you're looking to project an image of seasoned authority, such as a financial consulting service specializing in retirement, you might want to select a spokesperson who is both older in appearance, and who projects a "I've been doing this for years" tone in their presentation.

If you're looking for an authority figure to convey experience, knowledge, and trust, a middle-aged man or woman, dressed professionally, and who speaks clearly and confidently will be the person you're looking for. Bill would be a perfect choice:

Bill is a presenter who looks and sounds like an authority figure. He speaks confidently and with conviction, and establishes instant credibility for a website where experience and competence are important. He's also a good website presenter for businesses where branding must project strength and power such as a service that provides home security, heavy duty power-tools, and similar types of businesses.

Just like Amber, Bill is a versatile spokesperson who will deliver your video presentation with sincerity, and factor in the nature of your business to ensure he speaks with the appropriate tone and demeanor. Clients love the results Bill delivers to their bottom line, and some businesses have made him the "offical spokesman" for their website, business, or organization.

Bill can also present himself as a professional in a variety of specialized fields. For example, he can wear the uniform of a doctor, a pilot, police officer, politician, etc. If you're looking to add instant credibility and authority to your product or service, there's no better choice than adding Bill as a web presenter for your website. Choose Bill to get your custom video order started today!

As you can see, the person you choose as the web video presenter for your business is the key the maximizing your video's effectiveness. Check out our full team of video web presenters to pick the video spokesperson who's right for your website.