Does SitePal® Help Sales?

A talking avatar like the ones you get from SitePal® are used by some websites as a way to communicate with website visitors. SitePal® and similar services have been around for many years. The big question is, "Does SitePal® help increase sales?"

Based on the authors experience, services like SitePal® do not help increase sales because they don't use real live people to speak your script. Instead, these services just use computer-generated animations or photographs of people and combine them with synthetic voices to simulate a talking person.

Unfortunately, artificial spokespeople aren't nearly as effective as using a real talking website spokesperson. It's common sense that real people connect better with real people. Computerized avatars just don't compare. For example, most people get quite annoyed when they are forced to listen to a recording or a computer-generated voice when calling a company. It's always a pleasant surprise to get a real person on the phone, and the same is true for website videos!

Additionally, services like SitePal® are very expensive in the long-run because they charge monthly fees which add-up quickly. Even with their most inexpensive package, customers are required to pay a minimum of $9.95 per month and SitePal® limits the number of websites and playbacks of the audio-streams. To get unlimited audio streams of your SitePal® Avatar, you must pay a whopping $249.95 per month!

What's the Best Alternative to SitePal® Avatars?

Model2Web is a new service that offers you a real website spokesperson who is actually recorded in real-life speaking your own personal website script. These are not artificial avatars or talking cartoons. Model2Web allows you to pick a real actor or actress who will actually speak your script, word for word. Best of all, this service has no monthly fees.

Below are just a few of the benefits of Model2Web over SitePal®.

1.A Model2Web uses real actors who speak your script in real life, not computer animations.
2.A Get Model2web videos for a low one-time payment, unlike SitePal® which charges monthly.
3.A Model2Web lets you host the videos yourself (they also offer free! hosting if you need it)
4.A Model2Web Actors can wear what you want, talk how you like, or point & gesture as they talk.
5. All our videos are unbranded for free! (SitePal® requires a more expensive plan to remove branding.)

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