Should I Put a Video Spokesperson On My Site?

If your business has a website, you're likely to increase sales and conversions by adding a video spokesperson to your site. A virtual spokesperson talking on your website, also known as a "talking head", will help your business reach many of its online goals.

For example, a virtual presenter on your page who explains your product or service will help new visitors on your website stay interested and engaged in your message for a longer period of time. If you can get people to stay on your website for a few minutes instead of a few seconds, that can make all the difference in turning visitors who never buy into visitors who result in sales.

Let's face it, most of your customers are shopping around online and comparing you with the competition. What's going to make your website stand-out from the crowd? If your customer has already visited a handful of websites offering similar services, they're likely to be overwhelmed by the same old text and web graphics and eventually everything just blends together into a confusing blur. However, by putting a talking person on your website, you create a genuine human interaction between your visitors and your website, and when people try to remember the websites that they visited, the website that stands out most will be remembered, and that will be the website that wins the business.

A video spokesperson on a website also establishes a relationship. People don't have relationships with text, with graphics, or a website URL. People build relationships with people, and with human experiences. By carefully choosing the right video spokesperson for your website, you can build a human relationship with your potential customers.

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