Features to Look for in a Video Spokesperson Service

There are many video spokesperson services to choose from. Deciding which company to select for your website's video spokesperson can be a challenge, especially considering the large number of options, and the wide variety of features to consider.

This article outlines some of the basic features you should make sure a video spokesperson company offers. If a spokesperson company does not offer all the features described below, you should not consider them!

First of all, you should expect the website presenter on your website to look and sound great. The company should offer video recorded in HD quality and the models' voices should be clear and easy to understand, without static or noise in the background.

The video presentations for your website should create the illusion of a real person stand on your page, regardless of the colors, patterns, or designs on your page. To accomplish this, you should look for a company offering spokesperson videos that feature transparent background.

Videos with transparent backgrounds allow the videos to be borderless. With a borderless video, the video spokesperson will appear to be standing (or walking) on your page, and the background colors or design of your website will appear directly behind the talking website presenter.

You should also require the player on your video spokesperson presentation to be generic and brandless. There should be no logos or links in your video or in the player required for the video to work.

Some companies, such as LiveFaceonWeb put their logo on every video spokesperson presentation they sell. Additionally, each time a visitor to your website clicks on the logo of LiveFaceonWeb, the visitor leaves your page and goes to the website of LiveFaceonWeb. This is a problem because you want to keep the customer on your page, and minimize distractions or ways for them to leave your website.

If you request for LiveFaceonWeb to remove the logo from your video, you must pay hundreds of dollars more. Companies like LiveFaceonWeb also put tracking code in their videos to monitor your video usage and bill your credit card if you use the video in ways they do not authorize.

Considering the video will be on your website, logos, links, and track-back code are features you should not have to tolerate. Look for a company that offers unbranded spokesperson presentations, without logos, link, or track-back code built in. The video is on your website, so you should be in charge!

A website spokesperson company should offer models who are friendly and authentic. Overly polished presenters often come across as insincere. Look for an spokesmodel who speaks clearly and exhibits positive, authentic energy.

Companies that offer too many models are sometimes lower quality than companies that offer fewer. This is because more models are more difficult to manage and properly train. Sometimes less is more! The main concern for you should be finding a credible and friendly voice for your online business.

Last, but definitely not least, you should look for a company that offers value! It's very easy to overpay for a video-spokesperson and many companies charge much more money without actually offering more! As long as a spokesperson company delivers on the features described in this article, and has a few samples of their work on their website, you should shop based on price. You shouldn't overpay for your virtual greeter, and you also shouldn't get stuck paying monthly fees.

There are only a few companies that deliver tremendous value for significantly lower prices. One of these companies, Model2Web, offers the features and advantages you should look for in a spokesperson company, at an industry leading price. If you're looking for the best value available, Model2Web delivers superior features at a price that is simply unbeatable!