How to Write a Video Spokesperson Script

Writing a script for a talking website video spokesperson should be fun - you're being creative and taking control of your business's image online. However, getting started can be a little intimidating if you try to do it all at once. Like many projects, writing out the words for your talking web video becomes much easier if you divide your effort into smaller, "bite-size" tasks.

Below, we present four easy-to-answer questions relating to the content and purpose of your video. Once you have answered the questions, your script will practically write itself! Best of all, you'll be ready to create live person web video that's focused on turning curious visitors into interested customers.

We'll use a fictional product for this purposes of this exercise - a free coupons-by-email service called "Coupons, Inc.". Now let's answer the questions and get started!

1. What is the a unique feature, benefit achieved, or problem solved with your product or service?

Our emailed coupons enable you to save money on quality products and services in your area.

2. What does your product or service do?

Emails coupons to local businesses every week, based on your preferences.

3. How would you describe your customers?

People who like to eat out, shop, and enjoy nightlife with friends.

4. What do you want the viewer to do?

Sign up for the service.

Now we just add in a greeting, a few little changes to show the service in the best possible light, and stitch together the answers:

Hi, and Welcome to Coupons Inc.! Our emailed coupons enable you to save money and get discounts on great restaurants and stores local to you, targeted to your specific interests. If you like to eat out, go shopping, or spend time with your friends at bars or clubs, Coupons Inc. will help you have fun and save money. Click the sign up form on this website to get started, it's free!

Voila! Now we have a great 20-30 second spokesperson web video script, ready to go.

Of course, this plan is just an outline - there are any number of adjustments or changes you could make to optimize your online talking person video. Above all, have fun creating your script and make it unique. Humor always helps as well - here's a guide to help you put some smiles in your script. Plus, if you want some extra help, just add the "script editing" upgrade option to your order when you check out, and we'll help polish your script.